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Hello world!

October 7, 2009

Welcome to The Politicrat!

Basically I’m a 24 year old political junkie out of my element, working in a lawfirm. To assuage my political junkie habits, I’ve decided to start a blog, because if you can’t share your political musings with a thousand people you don’t know, who can you share them with, right?!

No one would call me conservative, and some would actually call me pretty liberal, but generally I will try to give my views without being condescending to the other party in the argument. I think we’ve all gotten too far away from moderated, civil discussion and have fallen to, as Paul Krugman calls it, the politics of spite (well, some of us).

So, please be courteous in your comments as I will try to be in my posts.

And so it begins!