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Eric Holder’s Smart Move

October 8, 2009

I saw an interesting article about Eric Holder and how he plans to convince Congress that bringing detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the United States for trial and/or detainment.

Now, I have to say I’m on Eric Holder’s side. It seems ridiculous to me (and a little selfish) that we as a country want to lock up these people who pose a threat to our nation, BUT don’t want to have them in our country. Doesn’t that make any sense!

With Congress passing this new ‘restriction’ on Gitmo detainees and several localities and states across the country adding their names to the list of “I don’t want THOSE people near my home,” it’s going to be pretty hard for Obama or Holder to push to get Gitmo closed within a year (which at this point they’re saying will be delayed).

One big mistake I think they made was announcing a deadline- while it was politically expedient at the time to create a deadline, in the end it wasn’t realistic and wound up putting the AG’s office and the White House between a rock and a hard spot.

In the end, the detainees have to go somewhere and I feel like the US should take its fair share of the prisoners; we can’t just send all of them off to other countries.


John Ensign’s Quandry

October 7, 2009

To start off my blogging fun I’d like to discuss a very amusing and yet very sad situation thats going on in the Senate. They’ve again settled into caring and discussing (yet another) political affair and its’ consequences. Seriously?!?! At this point I sort of figure they all cheat so as not to be surprised when they announce it on national cable.

The funniest part I think about this whole Ensign mess is how he keeps denying he did anything wrong. His best quote to date (which inspired this post): “we were very careful in everything that we did. You can see our statements on that.” I don’t know about you, but when someone says something like, “I’veĀ been very careful not to do anything ‘illegal'” brings to mind questions about what they WERE doing that made them question and CHECK the legality of their actions. If you think you’re doing something that makes you have to look up the law to accomplish your task, don’t you think you’ve already crossed some kind of line?

And its not like this is private, people. This will get out.

Riddle me this: How many politicians does it take to have a secret affair that goes public and ruins their political future until they all understand that its a BAD IDEA?!